The future of IT will be reduced to three kinds of jobs

Takeaway: The IT profession and the IT job market are in the midst of seismic changes that are going to shift the focus to three types of jobs. There’s a general anxiety that has settled over much of the IT profession in recent years. It’s a stark contrast to the situation just over a decade […]

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Mobile Web Apps

Hi everybody! After all these awesome news about mobile smartphones, iOS5, iCloud, Kindle Fire tablet, etc… and knowing where the market is going, We are getting ready to launch our brand new plan, “Web Apps for Entrepreneurs”. You will be able to select your app design from 3 affordable plans according to your needs: Bronze-Silver-Gold. […]

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email marketing for small business

SDB Cloud Email marketing

I was asked by a client to design a HTML email. Before I rushed into explain that all the big sharks are using social media, I said, “keep in mind that when done correctly, email is still one of the best ways to promote you and your clients online”. In fact, a recent survey showed […]

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sdbwebsolutions it management

10 leadership skills that are child’s play

  Takeaway: You can spot some of the most important leadership qualities by watching how kids interact. Here you have a list of a few lessons from the playground. Whether you realize it or not, as a child, you learned things that are fundamental to your success as a manager or leader. Here’s the rub. […]

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