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2013 Apps

Update - Aug 2013: Yes!!! The new iPhone App has been downloaded more than 800 times from the App Store!  The Push Notifications (PNs) feature mode rocks!!! App users were so excited to use it and continuously receive notifications about the event! We're so proud to be one of the first small companies to offer PNs in an Annual Conference this summer! Stay connected to our Facebook and Twitter for more updates & news on Apps with iOS 7, the hottest iPhone iOS!

Update - June 2013: App is in the App Store. It will be free to download for a little time. Links and info coming soon! 

Update - May 2013:  Working on the new iPhone and iPad App Project with iOS6 and Xcode 4.6. We're so happy because this year we were able to add the: Remote sync and Push Notifications Features to all our new Apps.

Being capable to update the objects and data on a very short time basis it's something very important to keep our clients in an ongoing and proactive status. This means they are mainly focus on their business while the tech side it's now done with a few clicks.  The future is bright and full of challenges, but we have faith in out work. More info coming up in few weeks.

If interested in developing an iPhone App, I'll be happy to hear about your project!

Update - Jan 2013:  We are working on a couple of iPhone and iPad apps for teachers and for the 2013 TWBI Conference, as well. Screenshots and more information coming soon!

2012 Apps

We are proud to announce the release of the Two Way Immersion Conference App.

This can help visitors and members find important information about the Two Way Organization, program schedule, Marriott Hotel directions, Presenters and general sessions. It works on the iPad and on the iPhone.

It's a free download from the Apple store.

Enjoy it!