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#ashwednesday tweets

POTUS: Today, Michelle & I join our fellow #Christians across the country & around the world in marking #AshWednesday http://t.co/hXs3eCmv5r — WH National Security (@NSCPress) February 18, 2015 More CNS photos added to today's album "#AshWednesday around the world" http://t.co/oMRb5i18Rq pic.twitter.com/fxx954OPJK — Catholic News Svc (@CatholicNewsSvc) February 18, 2015 That part of #AshWednesday when you […]

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Learn to Code in 5 classes

Working on a new Publication – Learn to code in 5 classes

This is a short course in Ruby and it assumes no previous knowledge of programming in other language. Ruby is a robust language that powers many current web applications and is famous for being one of the most easiest programming languages to start coding. Once you master the basics, you can later pick up another […]

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Merry Christmas and Feliz Navidad!

Merry Christmas and Feliz Navidad to everyone! This has been a year of many accomplishments and challenges, I want to be thankful to God to bring in peace and strength to my family. If there is one thing we need to keep in our hearts is FAITH. Where there is everyday prayer, there is hope. That […]

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Thanksgiving Week friends! Twitter most relevant posts

Thanksgiving Week friends! Twitter most relevant posts Computer science now counts toward high school graduation in half of all US states. We still have a ways to go. http://t.co/letVD7uoqu — Code.org (@codeorg) November 26, 2014 You can now edit the comments on your Route 53 hosted zones. http://t.co/pqokLSYgUY pic.twitter.com/50491jRBVI — Amazon Web Services (@awscloud) November […]

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Monday’s Sweet Coding Tweets

If you agree w/ @MariaKlawe, share this, and sign our petition at http://t.co/QhN5j39zt1 pic.twitter.com/covM2bDg9g — Code.org (@codeorg) August 11, 2014 Coding is today’s language of creativity. All our children deserve a chance to become creators, instead of consumers, of computer science.” Thanks for an incredible 1,000,000 views on our Youtube channel https://t.co/NOKSgBSLJp — JSConf (@jsconf) […]

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