Development of web applications for Non profit organizations

I would like to introduce myself. I am an electronic engineer specialized in computer networks, Ruby on Rails, Backbone, Node, Javascript, CSS/SASS/LESS, iOS 7, Xcode 5, mongoDB and mysql databases. Our main focus is design website non profit organizations. SEO consulting for small business and entrepreneurs. I am presently building mobile web apps for two important organizations. I am very excited about this step and the feedback we’ve received is very positive and constructive. I strongly believe mobile responsive websites will help rise our companies productivity and economy.

I had this idea to found an startup in 2004 when working for the Education industry. I believe I gather enough experience to help small business, professionals, consulting firms, private and public school districts, entrepreneurs, and non-profit companies get their desktop and mobile applications.

My background is in telecommunications and networks, computer tech support , Unix / Linux, OSX, and Windows operating systems. I also have acquired the knowledge to develop iOS applications to deploy on iPhones and iPads.

Beginning 2005, I added up mobile website design services, SEO consulting,  email marketing, and social network marketing, a whole set of skills to expand a new horizon to prospective customers. I saw this as the perfect opportunity  to integrate a custom solution for people to get more leads. We'd love to see more sites working on smartphones, tablet PCs, iPads or any other tablet devices more than ever. We believe mobile apps designed for cross-platform frameworks aim the next generation of touch enabled devices. We can also get your mobile web apps compatible with Apple iOS 7, Android, Windows phones and BlackBerry devices. Together these devices represent over 95% of current US mobile traffic. We expect our supported device list to grow very rapidly.

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Design website non profit organizations is based on the WordPress CMS framework. Many WP themes are offered for FREE, some other are premium themes, just for a low fee you get a complete ecommerce solution or store or magazine, or even an event organization, but always depends how much you do you want to get your hands in the code. That's why we offer the whole package: Domain plus deluxe hosting, and configuration for a low rate(you get lots of FREE stuff, as well). This way you just do what you know best, design a business plan, or focus on your next product. Right now just save precious time. We can assure you, you will improve your financial profile in a short time.

This is one example of a notorious standard design for the ATDLE non Profit organization located in San Jose, CA. For more than 20 years, TWBI programs have proven to be the most successful model for students who seek bilingualism and biliteracy, high academic achievement, and the development of positive intercultural relationships and pro-social skills.

We are happy if you are happy with your website, web app or SEO consultation.

We charge very affordable fees to our customers since we don't have those fixed expenses the big guys have in this busy marketplace. There are NO setup fees whatsoever. However, we do this for a living, to support our family just like you, and we do respect everyone ideas and reasonable methods to do business.

We wish you the best on this business and God bless you in your journey. Feel free to contact us if have any project or idea in mind. We are always willing to discuss a partnership association or explore new opportunities / ideas.