School Web App Giveaway – Act Now to get yours!

The folks here over at SDB Web Solutions have created a really neat iPad app for schools, the idea is to THANK teachers and school staff for this year’s hard work, the school web app is called mySchoolBuddy. It helps students, parents, and school staff to browse and be aware of the latest school news and events. It has also a form page that is geared to addressed your school’s need.

SDB Web Solutions Web Apps series already look and work well on the iPad out of the box, but mySchoolBuddy takes things a step further by taking advantage of iPad-specific controls, redesigning and reformatting the form layout so that it’s catered to the touch experience.

mySchoolBuddy is also especially useful for any school, organization or team that both build and fill out their own forms for data entry. Perhaps you are a student who uses this form to take class notes. Perhaps you take opinions from teachers or conduct polls in person by filling out a form. Perhaps you are running a conference or school event and plan to gather feedback via a kiosk with an embedded iPad or smartphone and use a SDB Web’s form. Then mySchoolBuddy app would be the ideal solution for your case scenario.

sdbwebsolutions school web app

The images above highlight some of mySchoolBuddy cool features: contextual date pickers, simple multiple choice question turned into big toggle buttons rather than radio buttons, and more complex multiple choice questions getting bigger easier-to-tap targets. mySchoolBuddy even supports proper error messaging for things like missing required fields.

Thanks for your support and hard work during this school year!!!

Big thanks to the whole team over at SDB Web’s for their effort and awesome time spent working on this web app.

Ahh, almost forgot! We have a giveaway running here!



We’re going to give away 1 free school web app! To win, just leave a comment below (using your real email, we’ll never publish it) with a little bit about why this school app might be useful to you.

The WINNER will be the one who has the “most creative and realistic idea” in how to use the web app at school.

Time is running up! The due date: 06/03/12 – a group of 3 top schools with their respective comments will be selected and the winner will be announced  in the week of June Th., 2012.

Ps: There will be also a 30% OFF Hosting services for a year. Plans: 25% Economy – 30% Deluxe or Unlimited Hosting Plan. For more info, please contact us to talk about the plans and how they can help host your app.




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2 Responses to School Web App Giveaway – Act Now to get yours!

  1. Sasha May 8, 2012 at 9:34 pm #

    I’d use the school web app to create a list of books students read during every school semester, along the recommended marking period used by the school plan at that time.

    It also can be very beneficial a form to use at science period. The students are doing a exceptional work and they could be so happy to use our 4 iPads to collect information for any important theme.

    Thanks for doing this, you really are giving us a Xmas gift on summer time!

    Sasha — MS Science Teacher

    • tech_comm May 8, 2012 at 9:40 pm #

      Thanks Sacha! You’re making a very compelling argument in here. Don’t forget to send me your school & district name, using the site’s contact form, I’ll be contacting every registered user to verify the registration date and pertinent information. Once I finish this step, I’ll send you an email to confirm your school participation.

      Hope you get to the final round!

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