Mobile Office

Capture everything.

Chances are, if you can see it or think of it, Evernote can help you remember it. Type a text note. Clip a web page. Snap a photo. Grab a screenshot. Evernote will keep it
all safe.

Organize it.

Everything you capture is automatically processed, indexed, and made searchable. If you like, you can add tags or organize notes into different notebooks. Evernote is perfect for students, teachers, administrators, small business, everybody who wants to keep their files safe, class or private meeting records.

Find anything fast.

Search for notes by keywords, titles, and tags. Evernote magically makes printed and handwritten text inside your images searchable, too.

There are desktop versions for: Mac, Windows, iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, Android, Blackberry. Of course, you can use Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers.

Case I: Manage your time

A classroom teacher, who has just a few minutes to get ready for next class can benefit so much with this system and just dedicate her time researching or talking to the students.

Case II: Get rid of 99% of printed material

By letting us scan and saving your papers onto your private cloud disk, you can enjoy a neat desk, which no many people can do it, find files fast or look for hundreds of receipts and bills to efficiently prepare the taxes.

Case III: No more “I don’t remember” problems

Remember the things you were supposed to remember. Create to-do lists, jot down random thoughts, leave a voice memo, and more.

Trust in the cloud. This technology already helps people, non-profits, and many business companies accomplish important goals by giving the gift of organization, control, and security.

Get started by filling out a request form for a premium account, it’s cheaper than signing up by yourself as an individual, and I can assure you will enjoy your job and have time for your family.

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  1. Beatrice B July 31, 2011 at 10:14 am #

    I agree. It seems like a good plan for my small office business.

    I like the idea to save my notes, web pages I visit and even my visitors can capture the article they’re reading for their records.

    Could you post more articles about how can we use the cloud for streaming video business?

    Great job!

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