What’s the Cloud?

What's the Cloud?

While the specifics may vary from vendor to vendor, you can think of the cloud as
a coherent, large-scale, publicly accessible collection of compute, storage, and networking resources. These are allocated via web service calls (a programmable interface accessed via HTTP requests), and are available for short- or long-term use in exchange for payment based on actual resources consumed.

The cloud is intrinsically a multi-user environment, operating on behalf of a large
number of users simultaneously. As such, it’s responsible for managing and verifying user identity, tracking allocation of resources to users, providing exclusive access to the resources owned by each user, and preventing one user from interfering with
other users. The software that runs each vendor’s cloud is similar to an operating system in this regard.

Cloud computing builds on a number of important foundation-level technologies, including TCP-IP networking, robust internet connectivity, SOAP- and REST-style web services, commodity hardware, virtualization, and online payment systems.

The details of many of these technologies are hidden from view; the cloud provides developers with an idealized, abstracted view of the available resources.

In a few words, people like to use Facebook and Twitter to effectively communicate with their friends and partners. Also, they want to get simply organized by getting rid of all stacks of paper(usually stored in file cabinets or shelves), be able to digitally save, share, and have fast access to their backups. No hardware involved. Minimum maintenance costs.

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Source: A.-W.-S. book

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  1. Beatrice B July 28, 2011 at 10:10 pm #

    Right now, I’m taking a class in SJSU and would like to know if it’s possible to save my notes in the cloud disk, so later I can refer to them. I know I can upload files and create new folders, or what they call “notebooks” in EV.

    What I like the most is you can record your voice from your phone!, and retrieve it from all your devices, it’s sooo cool!

    Now my mom is a HS teacher, she enjoys so much this system that she saved 90% of her lesson plans and keynote presentations into the cloud disk.

    Don’t waste your time no more! ask for a premium EV account, if you’re a student or teacher it’s just $3,50, then forget about missing papers and heavy printed material.

    PS: it’s not a bad idea getting most of your stuff scanned! you can even benefit from online searchable text and find all your docs!

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