Keyboarding is important, but

Should technology push out cursive writing instruction? Just learn the necessary skills?

The failure to teach children to read and write in cursive is another indication of the failures of our education system. School is supposed to be a place to which you go to get an education. That means more that just acquiring job skills. We already have a couple of generations of kids who have no concept of grammar and spelling because of spell check and grammar check. (And to anyone acquainted with the rules of grammar, it is clearly obvious that MS Word is NOT always right.)

We also have a couple of generations of kids that can not do basic addition or subtraction without the aid of calculator. (How often, have you provided a cashier with $1.03 to pay for a $.78 product, only to have he or she stare at you blankly, unable to realize that you want a quarter back as your change.) In addition, how many people under 35 can perform differentials and integrals manually on paper, or solve Algebraic equations, execute long division, convert Centigrade to Fahrenheit, or even calculate tips in their head? How many under the age of 35 have even heard of Issac Newton and his laws of motion, particularly the first law, which is the key to understanding how to drive in snow, and the third law, the lack of understanding of which causes so many accidental injuries? And the knowledge of history is so abysmal, that people can not see history repeating itself, right before their eyes.

Today’s powers that be only want to provide the people with the skills needed to carry out the tasks that they require to work and hold down a job. That’s not education that’s vocational training. It’s what, in the old days, we used to considered as suitable only for the “dumb kids”. Remember the statement by Sherlock Holmes in “A Study in Scarlet”? After Watson tells him the earth revolves around the Sun, he replies “Now that you’ve told me I shall endeavor to forget it”, because he did not want to know anything that did not pertain to his work. That is the situation that we are tending to in our so-called education system.

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  1. Silvia July 18, 2011 at 8:01 pm #

    True, very true!!! and on top of that “job oriented” system, we also have the problem of teaching to the “TEST”, and guess what? it is NOT in cursive:)

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