10 reasons why your business should get listed

Shoppers are a lot smarter today. When they step into your establishment, there’s a good chance they’ve done their homework—read the reviews, compared your prices, even checked out your website.

It’s a smart move then for you to make online information about your business easily accessible. Potential customers will certainly take note of your efforts to meet their data-hungry appetite, which puts you in serious contention to win their business.

Read them out loud and get charge:

1) Enhance your online presence with details such as photos, logos, hours-of-operation, parking availability, language spoken and more.

2) Incorporate links to your company’s Facebook and Twitter pages in your listing.

3) Select categories in which you want your business to appear. Edit specialties and add as many as six additional categories and keywords to provide a clear and accurate view of your offerings.

4) If you own a restaurant, include menus, either by creating them in the BBP or providing a direct link to the online menu. Also publish menus formatted to be viewed on mobile devices.

5) Create and publish deals, at no charge. You can choose an offer category, select a type of deal, add descriptive information, and promote the offer on Bing (mobile and PC), your business listing page and Facebook – all for free.

6) Receive a QR code automatically generated by the BBP and place it on your marketing materials or products to drive mobile customers to your promotion or website.

7) Review and approve listing with BBP Publishing tools, which offers previews for each listing and allows you to ensure the message you want customers to see is clear.

8) BBP local listing pages can support multiple users, allowing business owners to delegate responsibilities to managers and staff as needed.

9) The BBP provides a crisper design; improved categorization tools, and on-page tips to help users better understand the various features.

10) The BBP offers improved customer support capabilities for Web forms, providing the assistance needed.


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    Could you please post the article you had published on your old blog? it was really helpful and have a lot of tips that could help anyone who is in the online marketing field.
    Thanks a lot!


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